Why Do We Need Lot Numbers on ATV's at Lava Ranch Property?

It's been 17 years now since the Lava Ranch Board of Directors had the vision to make sure that we ALL had our lot numbers displayed on the back of our ATV's.

For the last 17 years, I've displayed the lot number as required, but have noticed that there are very few other ATVs on "the property" with this important information displayed.

Thinking about the wisdom of such a requirement, The very best and most urgent reason that I'm able to relate too regarding a lot number displayed on the back of an ATV, is in case of an emergency/accident on the ranch roads, and the victim is unconscious.

OK... if a person is unconscious either because of a crash or maybe a medical problem, it will be necessary to contact family members. The lot number displayed on the ATV gives the information of where to start looking on the Lava Ranch Property to search for family.

Even if a wallet were present, the information in the wallet would be for the person's main home address...would anyone be home there?... or would everyone be at the "property" and not be aware of any problem until someone can locate the lot number?


My $1.50 ATV number is reflective for night safety also.

I made extra ones for friends to use on their ATV's while visiting the property.


Just a NOTE! Property Identification ....

Lava Ranch Security and Emergency Services personnel strongly encourage residents to post three-inch
reflective 'lot' and 'address' numbers against contrasting backgrounds at the entrance of their driveways.

Should an emergency arise, emergency service personnel cannot help you if they cannot easily find you!
Make sure the numbers are clearly visible from all directions of travel from the road.

The signs should be installed approximately four feet in height above the ground and no higher than six feet and should be visible with gates open or closed.

ALSO ....

Might as well while I'm at it....

Is there any reason why NOT to carry a small shovel on our ATV's?

I'm thinking that it might come in handy if I ever get stuck, and would be worth it's weight in gold to someone if there ever were a wildfire.

I know why "I" always carry a small $10 shovel while riding around this great area..... I never know when it will come in handy somehow!

Some things to think about .... Lava_Ranch_Security

Thank You

Val Larsen
Lava Ranch Property Owner
Lava Ranch Security.


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