Road Conditions

Drive with care ...

Please be carefull

It would be a good idea to have a way to saw downed tree while driving spring roads.

Enjoy your visit!

Spring conditions are here, gravel roads are very fragile. Be mindfull of damage that can be caused.

~ A good shovel would be good to have with all vehicles traversing Lava Ranch Property....

Welcome to the Lava Ranch Security .... Road web page.

Val Larsen

Bring your gate key to access areas of the Property.

Drivers can drive on gravel roadways in ways that help maintain the roadway.

Never drive in the ruts of a gravel road.

Never drive directly through a pothole.

Always drive on the lower edge of loose gravel deposits, potholes and ruts.

This will help to allow the water to run off the roadway.


We spend most of our budget maintaining roadways, PLEASE help any way you can.

  Save the Roads ...

Please do us all a favor.... If you have a 4WD vehicle, please put it into 4WD once you leave the County Road to head up on the Mountain Roads. Leave it in 4WD until you get back to the County Road. Dirt roads are fragile roads, and anything you can do to help extend the time between gradings will benefit you, your neighbors and visitors to Lava Ranch Property. Oh, and lest I forget, the 20 MPH speed limit helps save our roads too. Many of us have witnessed some of our younger drivers speeding along at well over the 20MPH speed limit. If you have a son or daughter who drives our roads, please have them read this section.

And if you are one who doesn’t pay attention to the speed limits on Lava Ranch Property.... have them read this section outloud to you. Or you could just read it again, and again, and again, and again .... Until it sinks in.

Take Care and Stay Safe ....


Summer 2015

Mountain roads are Extremely fragile roads, and anything you can do to not dig-in while driving will benefit us all. Drive all Atv's with caution so as to not damage the roads. REMEMBER! Every "Cookie" you spin trashes the roadway..... PLEASE be very carefull while traveling on Lava Ranch Property Roads.


Lava Ranch Messages

To be able to have an informative webpage, I need input from different people on the many different topics.
With help, I'll be able to compile the different information and present it to the property owners in a timely manner.

I'm unable to get all the different information without HELP
and would appeciate any information offered by others.
If you could give me a hand on this project, please send it e-mail .... from the comment prompt on any webpage.... and I'll get it out to everyone.


Please watch for equipment working.

Do you know of road conditions needing reported? .... Please Let someone know.?

This Web site is for association members and friends of Lava Ranch. Please give your input! You may email to let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have.... I welcome your calls on anything, including road conditions.


Val Larsen


Lava Ranch Residents ...

1. Maintain the culverts located on your property.
2. Educate your family, guests, and contractors regarding the Lava Ranch Property speed limit and yielding to uphill traffic.
3. Notify someone of any unsafe conditions on Lava Ranch Property.
4. Carefully note any change in water diversion (runoff) on your property due to movement of fill. If water diverts to the road, try to correct the problem and contact Harry Scott, our road representative so adjustments to the ditch or barpit can be made during the next seasonal maintenance if needed.
5. Please be mindfull of heavy and dead vegetation on your or common property, and try to manage as you have time.

Use Your Four Wheel Drive

AGAIN.... To extend the usability of our roads, we ask that when you drive your selectable four wheel drive vehicle, please put it into four wheel drive whenever driving on Lava Ranch Property. The additional traction afforded by 4WD will significantly reduce the amount of damage to the roads. With less damage to the roads, we will be able to invest your road maintenance dollars into more permanent solutions. Regardless of what you drive, please remember to observe our 20 mph speed limit. The severe washboard areas on the Mountain is caused by speeding vehicles losing traction. Please be the solution instead of the problem.


Now: .... On My Soap Box !!!  

As you drive around Lava Ranch Property, you might notice that the roads are sometimes narrow to the point that it's hard to pass oncomming traffic. It would be a great service to ALL property owners ... if EVERYONE were to trim where the brush overhangs the roadway at each individual property, thus making the roadways usable an additional 6-8 feet in width.... THIS would help greatly if there were ever an Emergency and we needed the roads for Evacuation OR for Emergency Responders. It is also my hope that the Lava Ranch Property Owners and Guests would also respect the wider safer roads, and drive reasonably so as not to keep tearing them up.

Working together, we all can be a part of the solution.

Val Larsen
( Lava Ranch Property Owner )